Code Haven: Offgrid Oasis
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Code Haven: Offgrid Oasis

About This Project

In a matter of a few weeks, not a month, Faith’s vision was coming to life. Containers 254 Ltd worked tirelessly to transform the 40ft container into a marvel of modern engineering, seamlessly integrating all the amenities of city life within its compact walls.

Alongside the container, Containers 254 Ltd installed a state-of-the-art biodigester, a testament to their commitment to sustainability. This innovative system converted organic waste into renewable energy and nutrient-rich compost, ensuring that Faith’s home was not only functional, but environmentally conscious.

To complete the picture of self-sufficiency, a sturdy water tower rose beside the container, harvesting rainwater to supply every need of the household. It was a feat of engineering, seamlessly blending functionality with the natural surroundings.

With these additions,Faith’s haven is now fully habitable, a testament to the seamless integration of technology and nature. The solar panels on the roof gleam in the sun, capturing its energy to power her digital pursuits. The biodigester hums with quiet efficiency, turning waste into valuable resources. And the water tower stands tall, a symbol of self-reliance in the heart of the wild.

In this remote corner of Naivasha, Faith’s Code Haven stands as a beacon of ingenuity and harmony. It is a place where the boundaries between technology and nature dissolve, giving rise to a new way of living, where the modern world coexists in perfect balance with the untamed beauty of the wilderness. Faith continues to operate from her home, drawing inspiration from the seamless blend of technology and nature that surrounds her.


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