Before we breakdown on how much shipping container homes cost...

Container homes are exactly as the title suggests; houses designed and created from the steel shipping containers that you see carrying different type of goods worldwide via the sea and on land such as on trains and trucks. From these giant so called Lego blocks of steel , people world wide are constructing homes, offices or houses of all shapes and sizes.

Shipping containers are commonly available in 20ft and 40ft sizes here in Kenya. The 20ft shipping container can provide an estimate of 15 square meters of floor space for a shipping container home. Two large 40ft containers together can make a two-bedroom house at about 60 square meters. Combination between the 20ft and 40ft can create a mix of different container home designs.

Why are shipping containers used commonly and quite often to make studios, homes, cabins, and offices? Well, here is a cool fact that you need to know; with about 14 million ‘out-of-service’ containers in the world, there are lots of them available. Playing with giant blocks has a definite appeal!

Besides trendiness, interest in container homes is also part of a wider interest in saving money with prefabricated and modular homes. Many potential homeowners are looking for lower construction and maintenance costs. There is also a perception that container homes are contributing to recycling.


How much is a container home in Kenya?

So what will a shipping container home in Kenya cost? Smaller, more basic container homes starting price is Ksh 700,000 Large homes built with 40ft shipping containers and amenities can range in price starting price starting from Ksh 1,100,000. Shipping container homes, in some cases, can cost half as much per square foot than traditional brick and mortar building. However, it isn’t easy to compare apples to apples, and there are many factors to consider.Is a shipping container a cheaper option than a home build? 
The general consensus is that shipping container homes are cheap in comparison to building conventional housing.
Experts say that it really depends on the situation, but shipping containers reduce costs dramatically in areas where it’s difficult to erect regular housing.


Are they more affordable than other types of housing?

A shipping container comes with a flat metal roof, exterior walls, and a metal frame that can double as a foundation—these elements are often cited as cost- saving. But you’ll still have to spend money on transporting the container to your site, insulation, and interior finishes.

You’ll also still need to pay for land. Container homes, however, can often be built on (properly zoned) land that might not be suitable for normal construction without a lot of site work. If a plot of land is rocky or steep, shipping container houses can be elevated on elevated sturdy pillars instead of paying for pricey excavation.

So what can increase the cost? While land costs and climate requirements are significant considerations, it can also depend on many factors, including:

Size, layout, design, and the number of containers required
Welding and Fabrication requirements
Plumbing and electrical
Wall paneling
Kitchen and bathroom finishes